Become a Deputy Sheriff

Prior to an appointment to the position of a deputy sheriff, all candidates are screened by the Lake County Sheriff’s Merit Commission. The Merit Commission is a quasi-judicial agency, which operates independently of the Sheriff and County Board. The commission administers a system of public employment as prescribed by state statutes and county ordinances.

After all phases of preliminary screening, the Merit Commission compiles a list of candidates who are eligible to fill future vacancies within the Sheriff’s Office; the list is valid for two years.


  1. No previous law enforcement experience is necessary.
  2. No residency requirements. Show up on time!
  3. Applicants must be US citizen (at time of POWER Test).
  4. Must be age 21 (at time of POWER Test). NO MAXIMUM AGE RESTRICTIONS!
  5. High School Graduate or GED.
  6. Possess a valid drivers license.
  7. Must be willing to work all shifts – including holidays and weekends.
  8. Pass a mandatory physical agility (POWER) test – conducted by the Lake County Merit Commission. POWER cards are not accepted.
  9. Pass a written entrance examination conducted by the Merit Commission.
  10. Complete oral interviews, polygraph, psychological, and medical exams, and be subject to a background investigation.


Applications are being accepted until September 27, 2019

Applicants will pay a non-refundable $25 application fee to the Merit Commission