About a Deputy Sheriff

All Deputy Sheriffs are considered to be a part of the Sheriff’s Police Division.

The Sheriff’s Police is the most visible division of the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.

The Sheriff’s Police are the local police agency for 130,000 residents of unincorporated areas of the county and for several municipalities who contract police services and for those municipalities who have no police department. The Sheriff’s Police conducts other mandated police functions throughout Lake County.

All deputy sheriff’s are certified Illinois law enforcement officers and are available 24/7. The Sheriff has several units within the Police Division for deputies to work.

Sheriff’s Police Functions

  • Patrol
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Community Services
  • Training
  • Marine Unit
  • Homeland Security
  • Court Security
  • Professional Standards
  • Civil Process
  • Warrant Service
  • Tactical Response Team
  • Accident Investigations